Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Waiting …

Nothing remarkable has changed since yesterday. Adam is still having fevers, still has leg pain, is still on antibiotics. We're in a holding pattern, albeit we have a firm objective now that is to get Adam on a plane and on his way to America at the first available opportunity. We're looking to add oramorph to our drugs arsenal in the hope that it will bring Adam more mobility, and control the pain that comes with movement. That is the second obstacle to overcome in order to get to America; the first, and more problematic issue, is his fevers. Whilst easily controlled with paracetamol they remain regular and high. Coupled with a CRP that was today further increased to nearer 400, that means nobody is going to be willing to let us to take him out of hospital, let alone put him on a long-haul flight across the Atlantic.

If anything I'd say Adam has appeared slightly better today, but it's hard to judge. His fevers so far have been a little farther apart, and a little less severe. The movement in his leg is a little better and he even stood up for about thirty seconds and willingly sat himself in a chair whilst Alison replaced his bed sheets. But we're talking fractional improvements at best, rather than any dramatic leaps forward. He's quite well in himself, although perhaps a little more fragile emotionally than normal. We've spent a good few hours today playing Toy Story on the PS3 with plenty of laughter and plenty of abusive taunts relating to my gaming ability.

The bottom line is we still have no real idea as to the cause of either the fevers or the leg pain. Both, either, or neither, could have neuroblastoma as their source. However, his tumour markers in themselves are sufficient for us to make the decision to return to America sooner than was planned.

Live and learn. I should never have contented myself with urine tests that took 10 days to report results. I did think about investigating how we could expedite things by sending the samples elsewhere, having the tests conducted privately, etc. But I didn't pursue it and I should have done. As it is, there's no use moaning about the consequences now.

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