Friday, 19 October 2012

Treading water ...

And so it continues.

Adam had a reasonable day yesterday, but around 4pm he became tired and his temperature rose to 38.8°. Whether the temperature came on as he got tired, or the tiredness was a result of the temperature is anybody's guess. He had a little sleep and was fine for the rest of the evening. His CRP has now plateaued at 60 times above the normal level. Technically he's still not well enough to leave the hospital. Even I don't think he's well enough, under normal circumstances, to leave the hospital. That solitary fever of yesterday ought to escalate matters to the next stage; more investigations - chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound. Primarily looking for other causes of Adam's condition such as fungal infection. However, we need to get Adam back to Grand Rapids so we can re-evaluate him properly and look at trying something different given the current combination is (almost) certainly not working to hold back his disease. We don't want to be hanging around looking for a cause that doesn't exist only to end up with his disease flaring up and the high fevers starting over … if indeed they were caused by neuroblastoma in the first place.

And so it continues.

With everything hanging in the balance.

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