Sunday, 28 October 2012

Repeat ...

A repeat performance today. Adam's temperature peaked at 38.5° early evening (with tympanic thermometer). Other than that he's been well. He came home for lunch, and spent several hours playing on the PS2 with Jessica. He's playing catch-up; yesterday he was gaming with Ryan, and today he played with Jess for the first time in days. When we returned to the Marsden for Adam's afternoon antibiotics Jess came with us, and the two of them carried on playing until it was time for Adam to settle down for bed.

The fevers have definitely subsided, but now Adam's temperature is grumbling along; normal but higher than Adam's normal in the morning, and elevated further in the afternoon through early evening. Our plan has to be line removal, hopefully we will find out tomorrow when we can get it done. He's been better in himself again, and with his improved eating some of the weight he lost has started to go back on again.

Oh, and we had two bowel movements, so you can uncross your fingers now thanks.

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