Saturday, 27 October 2012

Brighter ...

Adam's been brighter and more lively again today. He was even allowed home for lunch. Ordinarily with the sort of temperatures he's been recording he wouldn't be, but our circumstances now are not exactly ordinary. We're pleased with the way the doctors here have listened and discussed things with us. He enjoyed being back home, if only for a few short hours. For the first time in many days he got to play online with Ryan. It was just like old times; FaceTime and XBox Live.

He's been eating but still nothing like a normal amount for him. Slightly worryingly he's not emptied his bowels since Thursday evening. We've been quicker to dose him up with something to help things along this time, we do not want a repeat of the stomach pains of last weekend. That would really screw things up. So cross your fingers and hope for some toilet action tomorrow people.

Adam's temperature was elevated again this afternoon but not to the extent it has been, peaking at 38.4° with the tympanic thermometer. Things have definitely improved in the temperature department slowly over the last two or three days, but why and where they are ultimately heading I couldn't begin to guess. We shall see what tomorrow brings and take it from there.

We do now have a plan to get Adam to America, but we need him to remain clinically well and for any fevers to be controllable with paracetamol. We have requested a surgical slot for next week to get his portacath removed. Without a central line the risk associated with him flying will be far less and, all other things remaining as they are now, we should get permission from the doctors for him board a plane. Obviously not having intravenous access presents it's own issues, but we will deal with that problem once we're back in the US. Line removal would normally only be done as a last resort; once antibiotics, anti-fungals, and all other possibilities have been exhausted. However, with time not on our side decisive action is required. And if removing Adam's central line is what's required to get him on a plane, then removing Adam's central line is what we must do.

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  1. Best wishes for Adam and his treatment. When he does come to America, just a little advice that we have a hurricane coming in that has a pretty good chance of affecting as far as the area outside of Michigan, which might affect your flight destination or stopover. But hopefully that will not get in your way and i hope you have a smooth trip to America :)