Sunday, 14 October 2012

Diarrhoea ...

And thus ends my trio of updates for today. After a perfectly normal (and quite reassuring given he'd not been at all yesterday) visit to the toilet, Adam followed up a couple of hours later with a bout of diarrhoea. In the event of a repeat we now have a commode and sample pot stationed in our bathroom to collect yet another something for the lab to test. Adam was displeased at the prospect of having to use the commode. "Sitting on the toilet is uncomfortable enough" he said, "My leg is going to hurt even more having to sit on that." "You said you'd make things as comfortable as possible for me whilst I was in hospital. Well I can tell you THAT ain't workin' for me."

I've since returned home after a quick changeover with Alison. The battle of the commode is hers to fight now. Adam is asleep, having had his second dose of antibiotic without incident. His fever returned late afternoon, but another dose of paracetamol quickly brought it back under control again. Given that I will be working tomorrow, and Alison will therefore be at the hospital all day, I did a ten hour shift today. Lying on the portable bed waiting for her to arrive I thought of all the times over the past three years we've been in and out of these cubicles on Casey Ward. Countless times. Different day, different cubicle, same old shit. And if you offered us more of the same for the next three years we'd accept it without so much as a momentary hesitation.

So we wait to see what tomorrow brings; in terms of fever, CRP, and now diarrhoea. Adam is due to begin the next cycle of treatment on Tuesday; that means four days of cytarabine, the chemo drug that we blamed for his fevers previously. Tomorrow we'll have to figure out what to do about that now as well.

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  1. Thinking of you and your family. I hope you figure out quickly what is going on and that Adam can come home soon.