Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ryan ...

As ever with this bastard disease what a difference a day makes. On Tuesday everything was moving forward well for our little mate Ryan, who's been in Tübingen since the start of September undergoing haplo-indentical transplantation. Yesterday we heard that Ryan's own T-cells have begun taking over the graft he received from his Mum, and there's now a distinct possibility that his body will reject the transplant completely. You couldn't meet a nicer child than Ryan, this would be so so unfair on him to have to go through it all again; although if that does turn out to be the case I have no doubt his infectious, cheeky, smile won't be gone for very long! Twice Ryan has been in remission, and twice his disease has returned. Now in remission for a third time, haplo-transplant gives him a chance to be rid on neuroblastoma for good. And if anybody deserves that chance it's Ryan. We'll be thinking of him every day as we always do, wishing his T-cells ill and hoping the Doctors in Germany can get things back on track. Their plan, which has already started, is to give regular additional infusions of Julie's T-cells to try and overpower Ryan's own T-cell response; but there's no overnight fix, and at this stage nobody can predict the outcome. This is Ryan's Appeal Page.

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