Sunday, 14 October 2012

CRP ...

Adam's CRP, a generic marker of infection/inflammation is 211. A normal level is less than 5. The elevation could be the result of infection, or tissue damage. More sinisterly, we also know CRP can be elevated by neuroblastoma, which could also be the underlying cause of the fever. At present we simply don't know. We assumed the last febrile episode was a result of cytarabine, but we don't have a similarly convenient explanation this time around.

He's been started on teicoplanin for prophylaxis against a possible gram-positive bacterial line infection, and ceftazidime as a more broad spectrum antibiotic. Having experienced allergic reactions to tazocin and meropenem in the past, options are more limited than would otherwise be the case. When he received the first dose of ceftazidime last time he sneezed a few times and then complained that his throat felt a bit swollen. This time the same thing happened. Although they were on standby with piriton in case his airways became further restricted it wasn't necessary. They'll just be extra cautious now with his next dose at 11pm this evening.

His temperature has remained normal since paracetamol earlier, and he's currently having a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel with his sister … now they've finished arguing over which of them various special cards belong to.

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