Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Closer ...

Another day the same as the previous. Adam is feeling better, looking better, eating better. Even his temperatures continue to get a little better. Let's not get carried away though. His disease is almost certainly progressing and we'll need to try a different therapy when we finally manage to get back to the US.

Tomorrow is line removal. "I'm going to have that angry medicine again" said Adam. He means Propofol. He is raging when he comes round from the anaesthetic; screaming and shouting. "Why don't they give me something different?" Good question, Adam. I don't know. Maybe they enjoy watching you tell me, no sorry yell at me, to get out of the room, to get out of the building, and to GO BACK HOME!

We've booked flights to Detroit. Seats were getting limited. At first I didn't want to book anything and then have fate conspire against us. However, on reflection I figured if Adam was unable to travel due to circumstances beyond my control then so be it, but I certainly didn't want it to be because his idiot father had left it too late to book anything. We do need him to remain well after the line removal, and not get any more fevers, which sometimes happens as removing the line triggers a reaction. It feels like we're coming round the bend and heading into the home straight. A few more days and we'll finally be on that plane. I don't ask for much, but please everything go to plan this time …

Provided line removal goes ahead without any problems Adam will be formally discharged to return home afterwards. If he's well enough he'll be donning his Ninja suit and hitting the streets for Halloween … so look out residents of Epsom, because Adam could be on the loose tomorrow night after all. Albeit under strict supervision.


  1. So many of us are sending positives thoughts and prayers to Adam and his family. Even all the was from California in the USA :). I hope everything continues to improve tomorrow and that he gets to enjoy his Halloween! Much love to you all! Keep charging forward!

  2. All my thoughts and bestest wishes are with you and especially with Adam today. Hopefully, the port removal will be straightforward and not causing any problems. And I hope that Adam will be able to roam the streets of Epsom tonight.