Friday, 2 September 2011

Quick Update ...

Apologies for not writing for more than a week. Not sure where the time has gone, though gone it has. Adam was discharged from Epsom Hospital at lunchtime on Saturday, to continue the course of oral antibiotics that he'd started before things escalated last week. He has been getting steadily better and stronger since, and today Alison took him to the Marsden for an assessment in preparation for round two of antibody therapy. We received the go ahead, so will be heading off to Germany again tomorrow afternoon. He's not as strong or as well as he was going into round one. Some of the weight he lost has gone back on, but not all of it. We will see how he fares once we get back into treatment again.

Jake and Jessica will be starting their new school years this coming week, without Mum & Dad to see them off. Adam will be missing the first day (and plenty more besides) of his new Junior school. We won't be joining all the other parents taking photos of their kids in new school uniforms lining up to go into their new classrooms for the very first time. But it's okay, we have to do what we have to do. Not much point bemoaning the fact.

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  1. Your attitude is fantastic.You are right, you are doing what you have to. It is good to hear he is feeling stronger.