Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Lazy Saturday ...

Adam's had a good day today. Lazy morning, visit to the hospital in the afternoon to play with his new mate Ryan (can't stay away from the place!), and back to the parent's house where he's been playing with Alexander, who I'm happy to report is back to his normal happy self now the morphine is out of his system.

Adam's eaten well, there's been no sign of fever and his legs have not played him up at all, bearing in mind that on this day during the first cycle he didn't want to walk because of the aches and pains.

We made a rather half-hearted attempt to look for somewhere to stay next week, but didn't get very far. We looked at the rental apartments closest to the hospital; they are not the nicest to look at from the outside, and they are also in a rather secluded location so not sure we'd want to leave the van there with lots of stuff in it. I offered to keep the engine running whilst Alison had a quick look inside but she declined. That said there are two Russian families staying there at the moment and they haven't had any problems so we've not ruled it out entirely for future visits.

Personally, as far as next week is concerned, my money is still on the car park.

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  1. thank you so much for keeping us all updated while you're're all very much in my thoughts and send much love and many good wishes to adam especially and also to you all. g.x:)