Friday, 9 September 2011

And on the fifth day ...

Adam has become more feverish today - though still not to the extent that he was during round one (though having written that I've just checked and it's 39.8!) Five days of IL-2 injections done and now we're free until Monday morning when we're admitted for 14.18 antibody. He starts Gabapentin (Neurontin) tonight, and continues through the weekend in order for it to build up in his system. It comes in capsule form so shouldn't be too much of an issue provided Adam is reasonably well in himself.

We have to be out of the parents house by 9am on Monday. Rooms are at an absolute premium at the moment, and it looks as though it's only going to get worse; there are several long-term occupants which leaves very limited availability for the numerous families coming here from abroad for neuroblastoma treatment. In terms of next week the nearest hotel, which has special rates for users of the hospital, is fully booked. The self-catering apartments that are nearby are also fully let. We're not allowed to all stay in the hospital, and I'm not paying €83 per night for a room at an alternative hotel, for what will literally just be somewhere for one of us to sleep. Tomorrow, providing Adam is well enough, we're on a mission to find a place to stay; failing that I'm sleeping in the van in the hospital car park. Seriously. In terms of the next cycle I think we will try and pre-book one of the self-catering apartments. They are slightly more expensive than the parents house, but it's so hit-and-miss with staying here now that it would be better for us to know we are assured of somewhere to stay that has the majority of things we need, than to turn up again and find our only option is a hotel room ... or the camper van!

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