Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wow ...

When I went into see Adam this afternoon the first thing that struck me was 'Wow! He's dressed. Trousers, t-shirt, the works.' First time in a fortnight. He must be getting prepared to depart the hospital, and this is the dress rehearsal stage.

He spent five hours in the playroom today, much of it in the company of the Marsden clowns, who made him laugh so much that at one point he actually fell off his chair. It was one of those tiny kids chairs so he didn't have too far to fall. Just as well given that his platelets had dropped to 7 this morning. In the late afternoon he was given a transfusion to top them back up; we don't expect it'll be the last. With two administrations of MIBG therapy preceding the high dose chemotherapy his bone marrow may take a considerable time to recover sufficiently for him to have a self-sustaining haemoglobin and platelet count. We just don't know.

His temperature continues to rise noticeably as the day wears on, before falling again once he is asleep. Though odd, it's not causing any major concern. We remain on schedule for a discharge sometime this week.

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