Saturday, 19 February 2011

Adam the Merciless …

So far Saturday continues the upward trend for Adam. HB and platelet hanging in there at 7.5 and 18 respectively, white blood count and neutrophils steaming ahead at 4.9 and 2.4. Those numbers are still with GCSF support, which is due to stop tomorrow; the big step forward will be for HB and platelets to begin rising, and white blood count and neutrophils to stabilise without any GCSF infusions.

Todays major mission is to get Adam off of IV fluids. The past couple of days we have concentrated on getting him back into the habit of eating, but at the expense of nagging him about his drinking. Today we’re going for ‘the full monty’. Our nurse has disconnected his hydration line, and we’re going to get a litre of water into him by the time he goes to bed tonight.

Adam continues to be quite well in himself and his temperature has remained low for several days now. Yesterday his blood was taken to be cultured again, and if it comes back negative this time the antibiotics can cease as well.

Our main job is to keep Adam eating, drinking, and entertained until he is clinically well enough to be discharged. This morning he and I had our first play fight for a fortnight. Needless to say I lost. The little toad gave me an enormous wedgie – I thought my pants were going to rip at one point. Then he taunted me with “You big wimp. You can’t even kick a little kid’s butt.” He is merciless I tell you, merciless. And, before you ask, yes I did make him wash his hands afterwards!

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