Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And again ...

Crossing fingers isn't without it's merits you know. Adam's temperature came back down to 37° overnight, and there it has remained. So it's as-you-were, before that text message interruption from Alison yesterday. He was just keeping us on our toes I guess.

This is probably a good time for me to sing the praises of the staff at the Royal Marsden for looking after Adam (as well as all the other kids under their care), and say what a fantastic job they do. The place isn't without it's problems - the design of the new ward has flaws aplenty - but I have nothing but admiration for the doctors, nurses, kitchen staff, housekeepers, etc. and all the work they do. Sure I have my bad days when I hate the place and everybody associated with it, and sometimes a particular nurse assigned to look after Adam will be having a bad day and be a miserable so-and-so. But overall they have an incredibly tough job and they do it with tremendous dedication. This last weekend the ward was almost full, so many kids were sick and needing special attention that the nurses were, quite literally, rushed off their feet. Our nurse even apologised for "not having been into Adam much, but he's my most well patient today."  I told her no need to apologise, the less of her time Adam needed the better as far as I was concerned!

One area where the Royal Marsden stands out head and shoulders above the other three hospitals Adam has stayed is the food. The parents kitchen is better than most, though still inadequate when you consider some families are there for months at a time. The patients kitchen though is tremendous - hot and cold food served to order for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the likes of us, who have embraced the importance of diet and nutrition in helping Adam stay strong and fight his disease, it's never going to be as good as home cooking. But I simply wouldn't let him touch the food in some of the other places.

I've just phoned Alison for an update. Adam is a bit grumpy and fed up. And his temperature has risen to 37.8°. Are you detecting a pattern? Here we go again ...

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