Friday, 7 December 2012

Unstable ...

Despite Adam's scan on Monday being classed as 'stable', Adam himself is anything but. His blood and urine markers from later the same day were elevated, the latter the highest it's ever been. Coupled with renewed aches/pains that now include legs, shoulder, and back, the signs aren't good.

External beam radiotherapy has been mentioned, but the pains Adam is experiencing now are not in the same areas as those he had before; consequently there's no obvious rationale for where to target.

I am still intending to return home next Tuesday as planned, but after that we are no longer sure of anything. To the extent that we may actually end up doing a repeat PET scan as early as next week to see if that shows any further changes. At least we are in the best place, a place where everything that needs to be done gets done with maximum speed and efficiency. It all has to be paid for, of course, out of our appeal funds … it's just a shame it's 3,800 miles away from home is all.


  1. Am so so so sorry to hear this. I check for new posts every single day, hoping things are getting better for poor Adam. Your whole family is in my thoughts. :( Hang in there.

  2. Not liking this update...and so, so sorry for the continued pain with no certain cause. It's just so hard when we don't really know what's going on. Thinking of you all,
    The Bs

  3. Not liking this post either and womderingh what the latest new is, have been following your journey and thinking and praying for you aLL. I do hope that you can all spend a happyChristmas together wherever you are,I sent Jessica's postpals elf gift very early on so hope she got it Ok Keep strong. Hilary x

  4. We've all been thinking of you all since this update, just as we have been since we 1st started to follow Adam's progress not long after his diagnosis.
    I know it's of no use to you, but hopefully it offers some strength, to know that you're all in our hearts and prayers all the time.
    I hope things have settled with Adam's pain, and that you all manage to have a good Christmas...together...that's all that matters.
    Sending love and Christmas wishes to all of