Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve II

Upstairs. So the tooth is ok. Just chipped a bit off a molar that should be in the process of falling out anyway. Resulting in pressure on gums when chewing thus causing the ache. Soft food, chewing on the other side, and the passage of time hardening the gum is what's required. Other than that nothing sinister lurking around.

Downstairs. So they wanted him to go to St George's for a surgical review, but there was no cubicle available on any ward. St George's then wanted him to go to King's, which is even further away. The Royal Marsden intervened and said it was all unnecessary as they wouldn't actually DO anything today anyway (esp. as his neutrophils are only 0.5) and so to start on a combination of four different antibiotics (as abscesses are notoriously difficult to treat); Vancomycin, Gentamicin, Tazocin, and Metronidazole, meaning 2-3 hours of IV infusions every 8 hours.

I said I couldn't do that to him. Not after everything else. Not on Christmas Eve. I'm not sure who's heart it would have broken more, his or mine.

So we're back at home now and going back for 10pm tomorrow night to start IVs as inpatient providing things are no better (which they won't be). After Boxing Day he'll sleep at hospital to get antibiotics last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and be home from around 9am to 9pm with the Community Nurse team covering the afternoon course.

One more Christmas Eve chore to do for Alison … a trip to the Royal Marsden to fetch a 3-day course of GCSF injections to boost Adam's white blood count before his next dose of chemo is due on Thursday.

Happy Christmas!

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  1. Well said Marsden! Santa will find you! Jackie x