Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas ...

Morning. For those who don't already know, Adam is home. He flew out of Detroit on Thursday evening and arrived home Friday afternoon. He's got numerous issues; not eating, toothache, a cyst/abscess on his bottom that is giving him a lot of pain, further pain behind his knees (probably a result of walking through Detroit Airport) that means he can barely stand up. But he's home. We've got the nurse coming out to take bloods on Monday and I expect he'll need blood and/or platelets, but unless he becomes febrile or otherwise symptomatic of infection he will be at home, and in his own bed, on Christmas morning.

The kids have been playing together a lot the last couple of days. And last night the Christmas Tree and decorations finally made an appearance from the loft. Last minute preparations continue, as it was impossible to make plans until we found out on Monday that Adam's latest scan was stable and he would be returning home. And even then nothing was certain, so I refused to say anything publicly, until my little boy was actually on the plane, and nearer the UK than USA.

We're predominantly happy house; despite everything we are among the lucky ones this Christmas. Our thoughts are, and will be, with families we know and have met that are experiencing the most difficult of times right now.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas season. Nick, Alison, Jake, Jess, and Adamski. x


  1. So pleased you're all together and home for Christmas.

    Happy Christmas and I hope and believe 2013 will bring the best for you all.

  2. Great to hear that you are all home for Christmas. Hope Adam's pains get better soon. Wishing you all a lovely Christmas - I can't think of a family that deserves it more. Kerry xx

  3. So pleased to hear Adam is home and you are all together for Christmas, hope its a lovely time and all the very best to all the family for happiness and good health 2013 Hilary

  4. I hope 2013 brings good health and happiness to you all.I particularly hope that Adam can be pain free and enjoy his Christmas like a 9 year old should.....
    My very best wishes to you all
    Sian xx