Friday, 28 December 2012


My poor little boy. The perianal abscess that was cleaned out and packed in surgery this morning measured a full 3cm in depth. Much bigger than I expected, and as a consequence of the size a much more invasive procedure than we'd anticipated. He is sore, very sore. He has a bloody weeping mess oozing from the wound on the inner side of his bottom. He's on 48 hours of two different IV antibiotics plus GCSF to attempt to prevent any sepsis from the open wound. Chemo that should have been given this afternoon has been delayed to Monday, provided Adam remains free of infection. He will need his dressing changed at various intervals, a process that I can't imagine being anything other than deeply unpleasant. But hopefully, fingers crossed, he'll be rid of this thing for good now. At least by going in all the way they have minimised the chance of it reforming … although unfortunately there's no way to eradicate such a possibility altogether. Let's hope for a speedy, and infection-free, recovery.

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  1. Hoping for a speedy, straightforward recovery. Poor Adam. Your whole family is in my thoughts.