Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Settled ...

Adam continues to improve little by little. This weekend he returned to playing online with Ryan & Jake, which he's not done since shortly after his birthday. It's another indication that's he feeling better in himself. He's got zero stamina when it comes to any form of exercise; a walk up the corridor from our room to the lift and he's worn out. But then it's not just the last couple of weeks, but nigh on a month before that in the UK when he was almost bedridden. It will take a long time for any level of fitness to return. He's still got no appetite, though is eating more simply because he's putting up less resistance when being spoon-fed at present. Since August he's lost five kilos, a lot for a 9-year-old … and it shows. He's had no aches or pains, and from today is no longer on any form of pain medication whatsoever - so we'll see how that works out in the coming days.

We have repeat bone marrow biopsies on Thursday, and PET/CT scan next Monday. The results will determine our next course of action, and in particular whether or not we'll be able to return home this year. Whatever the outcome we'll have to start making our plans for the festive season. Last year the five of us spent Christmas out in Greifswald, if this year we have to spend it out in Grand Rapids then so be it. We'll sort things out as best we're able. Obviously fingers-crossed for stable scans or better, and agreement from the Royal Marsden that we can continue Adam's new treatment regime back in the UK under their guidance. At the moment, however, we're not really thinking any further forward than tomorrow, and whether Adam will need blood and platelets before his bone marrow procedure on Thursday.

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