Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Clinic ...

A very long day ended with us turning in sometime after 7pm, or past midnight UK time. Adam was shattered. We'd not actually determined what time they wanted us in clinic this morning, but it wasn't a complete surprise to discover it was 8am. We didn't quite make it, but we weren't too far off. A couple of debriefs of all the funny business that's gone on over the past three weeks; Alison and I were struggling to remember details such as dates, at one point we lost an entire week that Adam did manage to spend at home. Neither of us can actually remember that! Physical exam, blood work, schedule for the next few days, some waiting around for Adam to produce the required urine sample, and we were done.

Having reported to Dr Sholler this morning that Adam had no fevers and no pain, we've seen some slightly higher temperatures this afternoon (though still essentially normal) and he's started complaining that his left leg 'aches' again. He's been a lot more mobile today than at any time during the last three plus weeks, and has also been back on sorafenib (though that's now stopped again in advance of scans and possible change of therapy). We will see what tomorrow brings.

Bone marrow tomorrow means no food for Adam until after lunch, and PET/CT on Thursday morning requires a special diet for the preceding 24 hours. So the next 36 hours are going to be somewhat challenging food-wise. I'll leave that to Alison.

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  1. Hoping all has gone well today. Sending best wishes.