Monday, 5 November 2012

Arrival …

Long but uneventful journey. My first long-haul trip with Adam and I've got to say he's a good traveller. He's been very well, and in good spirits all day, despite being woken up at 5:45am. "I've only just got to sleep" he told me "It's nowhere near morning. You're so rude. You're just so rude."

I got my first lesson in US rules & regulations. Hadn't booked a return flight. Fine for Alison & Adam who have US Visas, not fine for me who has a 90-day Visa Waiver. Pronto march to the ticket desk to book a return flight for me. We flew Delta Airlines, service was great and drive from Detroit was straightforward … and extremely dull.

All checked in at the Renucci Hospitality House now. Clinic appointment with Dr Sholler in the morning …


  1. welcome to the states! i wish you all the very best. i hope you get answers soon. i am thinking of you three and hope for good news soon.

  2. Glad you made it to the states and that the journey went well.