Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crazy … Golf ...

Adam has gone off to play crazy golf this afternoon. Again. We had a trip to Devon at the weekend to visit Ryan, and on Sunday drove to Teignmouth where we enjoyed a very friendly, non-competitive, round of crazy golf. Which I won - whilst also notching up two holes-in-one in the process. Afterwards the kids decided to have a game of chicken with the incoming tide. Adam pushed his luck a little too far, ending up soaked from the waist down, and spending the journey back to Exeter in his underpants. Jake was away on a cricket trip, but Adam, Jess & Ryan had a great weekend. X-box, park, football, waves, crazy golf, power rangers, bouncy castle, Come Dine with Jess & Adam (after Ryan had gone to bed). Considering Ryan had only finished chemo on the Friday he was full of beans. It's great to see them all getting along so well. We've been meaning to get down to visit Family Edwards for ages - they've been to Epsom several times now, both en-route to Greifswald for immunotherapy and a few weeks ago for a weekend trip. But with both Ryan and Adam on chemo, and Jake having football tournaments, club cricket or school cricket this was the first opportunity we've had to pay a reciprocal visit. The journey back home was rubbish, problems on the A30, problems on the A303, problems on the M3. The only good thing to come of this was I missed most of the football.

IMG 1650 IMG 1661
IMG 1666 IMG 1674

Yesterday Adam and him Mum took a trip to Wimbledon to do a spot of shopping, and today Adam was up at the Marsden for an MIBG injection. MRI scan is tomorrow at 9, MIBG at 11. Results at the end of the week. Pointless dwelling on what might be. Tomorrow is Wednesday, another day in the life …

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