Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thursday ...

Adam was a little late to bed last night so he slept in and woke up after both Jake and Jessica had gone to school. Usually he's pretty pissed off when this happens, but this morning he's in good spirits despite the fact. We finished the second round of chemotherapy last week and, as with the first, Adam tolerated it well. Aside from some nausea - he does this thing where he feels 'a little sick' and has to spend up to half-an-hour with his head over a bowl spitting saliva into it - he was very well. His eating was more-or-less normal.

He's experienced a few more adverse effects this week. More nausea during the earlier part of the week, though sick just once, mild diarrhoea that is only now beginning to resolve itself, and the odd bout of stomach cramps which is probably the most unpleasant of all. His appetite has been on the wain, but we're hoping this will pick up towards the end of the week, following a similar pattern to the first round.

Next week we have MIBG and MRI scans to see what effect, if any, the two rounds of chemo has had on Adam's disease progression. To say we really need this to have done some good is a colossal understatement.

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