Monday, 17 October 2011

You know nothing ...

You think you know. You've seen enough over these past two years and four months to know. You are a seasoned campaigner. You pick up the patterns, you get a sense for how things will be. That's how you know.


You know nothing.

Round two of antibodies was a breeze for Adam. Neurontin instead of Morphine. Easy.

Round three will be more of the same then. Or maybe even easier still.


This is Adam after four hours of antibodies, two of which he had been completely zonked out for. I wish I had a photo from the morning, or yesterday, that you could compare.

He's had fever most of the afternoon and evening. And he is VERY red and puffy. I must have checked at least three times that they haven't put Morphine in his Novalgin syringe driver. It definitely says Novalgin on the syringe, but still.

Anyway, we'll see what tomorrow brings ... I have no idea. Honestly, I know nothing.

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