Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Just about to leave for the final leg of our journey home. Adam has been in good spirits, as evidenced by the fact that he only asked 'when are we there?' three times during our seven-and-a-half hour drive yesterday.

Apart from Monday when he went a bit elephant man, this round has been a breeze for Adam. In truth his biggest problem was boredom. We implemented a semi-ban on the playroom because of all the coughs, colds, and other germs that congregated there during the day. On Thursday a little Russian girl was in there with her contagion prevention face mask. However, they don't help much when she was taking it off to sneeze, and blow her nose ... and then discarding used tissues all over the tables and toys!

We left the hospital on Saturday afternoon, to go back to our rented accommodation. Adam really likes it there; his room has an office desk in it and Adam takes to the leather chair to watch the laptop. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that he is upstairs.

The weather has been nice this time round; generally sunny with clear blue skies, but quite cold. On Sunday Adam and I took a little walk up the road so he could stretch his legs and get some fresh air. Turns out that inmediately after a week on 14.18 antibodies and IL-2, Adam gets insanely itchy feet when he walks any reasonable distance. Happened on the last round when he walked from the hospital to the hotel, and so it did again on Sunday. So much so we had to pause for a rest at a bus-stop before making it back to the house. No idea what causes it, but it doesn't last more than a couple of days.

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