Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sunshine ...

The sun is shining, it's a beautiful morning, and so far today I haven't managed to find a single thing to whinge about!

Adam is doing well. We haven't noticed any after-effects of the antibodies this time round. We started round 6 of retinoic acid today (at 75mg!). He is planning on going out trick-or-treating this weekend. It's funny the things you remember most vividly, but this will be the third Halloween that Adam has been able to participate in since he was diagnosed. I remember in 2009, after he had failed induction therapy, driving round the roads near our home, with a bald, steroid-bloated, Adam dressed in his old spiderman outfit that was way too small for him. Happy memories, tinged with a certain amount of sadness.

Alison and I have got so much sorting out to do between now and the end of the year. Not only do we have birthdays and parties coming up, but we only have four weeks in the UK until Christmas. Yikes!

Adam's scan passed off without major incident, although he is getting more fidgety than he ever used to be. I blame antibody therapy, after all it has left him with 'mild dysrhythmia with evidence of occipital accentuation' according to his EEG. Alison thinks the reason is much more simple; he has so many EEGs in Germany that he's just fed up with having to lie perfectly still so often.

I will post once we have the scan results. For some reason we seem to be able to cope okay in the waiting-for-results period.

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  1. Any news on Adam's scan? I am checking the blog every day