Tuesday, 20 July 2010

We're sneaking in a few days away...

Adam is beginning to feel some of the after effects of the latest round of chemotherapy. He’s had half a dozen trips to the toilet today.  Alison has started him on Imodium to try to keep it under control. He’s also been a little off his food, and was sick once, though only after downing two fish oil capsules and a vitamin pill a bit too quickly.
We have made arrangement to spend a few days away on the south coast. One of our friends has very kindly offered us the use of their house. I know I keep going on about it, but we are so very lucky. This will be the first time since last May that we’ve been away. Seems longer. Saturday will be one year since we sat in that small pokey little room at St Georges and were told the lymph node biopsy had confirmed Neuroblastoma, Stage 4. Until then we’d still clung to the hope that there’d been a mistake, that the diagnosis would come back different. It wasn’t to be.
The day after we return Adam goes into hospital for a CT scan. He hasn’t had one for a while as the focus has been on his bone marrow disease and bone lesions. The purpose is to get an up-to-date picture of the primary tumour for the surgeon as St Georges who will operate on Adam next month.  There’s always a worry lurking not to far away that these scans will show up something they’re not supposed to. It’s human nature and, very sadly, it sometimes turns out to be true. Hopefully all they will find is a heavily calcified, shrunken, tumour ready to drop off into the surgeon's hands.

Anyway we’re going to try to enjoy the first little bit of the summer holidays that we have together before it all gets consumed by hospitals and cancer treatments. We’re going to try.

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