Thursday, 15 July 2010

15th July 2009...

The day Alison took Adam to A&E because the pain had returned in his neck and at the base of his spine. 
The day I took Jessica to her infant school leavers party. On the way I took a couple of photos on my mobile phone to show Alison when she returned from the hospital. It wasn’t until we were setting up the appeal in March 2010 that she finally got to see those photos.
The day I walked back through the car park having bought Jake those new boots for his football trial. Just before I reached the car my phone rang. When I answered all I could hear was Alison crying.
The day the doctors found Adam's tumour.


  1. Its scary how much things can change in a year and this is really crappy. But its exciting sometimes too and this day next year could be the day you beat it. I really hope so, Karen