Saturday, 10 July 2010

Stem Cell Harvest (3)

Adam’s first stem cell harvest on Thursday collected 1.5 million cells, and Friday’s was expected to obtain fewer because his CD34 count had dropped. Together the total number of cells will be barely sufficient for one transplant procedure. We - and by we I mean the hospital as it was all sorted out before I even opened my mouth to speak - have a plan. Next week Adam goes back on to the chemotherapy. Six capsules each day (don’t get me started about that again) and a 30 minute infusion. In a couple of weeks time we will try for another harvest, this time using Plerixafor, which has already been applied for. The only slight hiccup is that Adam’s platelets have fallen below the level where he can start chemo. They get consumed inside the harvesting machine. Fingers crossed they won’t take long to come back up to a good level. We're taking him up to Epsom General for a full blood count tomorrow.
They removed the vas-cath from Adam’s leg yesterday afternoon before we came home. The little fellow helped them by taking off the dressing and pulling out the stitches himself. ‘It hurts, it hurts’ he kept saying, but the nurse was very patient and just let him do it in his own time. Below is a photo of the line after they’d removed it. 

The stitches were in the green plastic pieces to hold the line in place and then everything after the lighter of the two was inserted into Adam’s groin and up into his femoral artery. Little wonder it felt uncomfortable! He’s felt no ill-effects though since it was removed. Been running around in the garden throwing water balloons everywhere for the last couple of evenings, having great fun. 

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