Wednesday, 16 March 2011

An Even Quicker Update …

Short of going into banal details about what Adam’s been eating, what he’s been watching on television, and what games he’s been playing with his brother and sister, there isn’t a great deal for me to report on at the moment. We’re in a holding pattern until Adam’s scans at the end of this month. We’re doing a pretty good job of not thinking about them too much to be honest. Once we’ve received the results, and held subsequent consultations with experts both here and abroad, we know we will need to make our biggest decisions yet. We know it’s looming on the horizon and whatever we do now isn’t going to make one iota of difference. So rather than tear ourselves up with what-ifs and maybes we are just trying to get on with day-to-day life.

Adam remains well. He’s still requiring regular platelet transfusions, but his white blood cell and haemoglobin counts have both been stable for the past week. There’s nothing to be done other than wait for his platelet production to come back online, however long that takes.

On Sunday we had our first trip to the caravan that last summer provided such a wonderful release from the stresses and strains that have dominated our lives since Adam became ill. Adam himself loves it there and can’t wait to go back. It’s good for him to have something to look forward to, it’s good for all us.

This summer is going to be very different indeed. What a bastard (apologies for the language).

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