Wednesday, 2 March 2011

And Again …

Adam’s check-up on Monday was the standard fair, examination by the doctor and a full blood workup. Looking good so far was the verdict – well in himself, eating and drinking at one end, disposing of waste in the normal manner at the other. Haemoglobin at 8.3, platelets at 30, so move to twice weekly bloods and an appointment is booked with Adam’s consultant for next week. Thank you very much and goodbye.

Both Alison and I shook our heads disapprovingly as she recounted this to me. Twice weekly bloods? How can that be right. When he’s having a platelet transfusion on average every two days? Oh well, no point in arguing. Better to just ignore what the doctor said and arrange our own schedule with the Community Nurses and Epsom General.

Fast forward to Wednesday and Adam’s platelets are 5 (x 109 per litre of blood). The normal range is > 150, and generally they will transfuse below 10 (or if there is evidence of bleeding and bruising). So it’s back up to Epsom General this evening for Adam’s 4th platelet transfusion since last Wednesday. I think we’ll be getting his blood redone on Friday now as well. Twice weekly indeed! His haemoglobin has dropped below 8, once it reaches 7 he’ll need a blood transfusion too. And they really are boring, 3+ hours at a time. At least his white blood count is holding pretty steady - I just wish the other stuff would hurry up and do the same!

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