Thursday, 27 May 2010


I have come to realise there is a major downside to blogging that I hadn't foreseen when I started out down this road. I must be rather boring to talk to these days (I know, I know, I can hear you in your droves telling your computer screens that I was always boring to talk to. Ha ha ha.)
Anyway, my reasoning is this; almost exclusively the only things I have to talk about are Adam's Appeal and Adam's health, and a lot of people seem to read what I write either on here or elsewhere in the social networking universe. Consequently, more often than not, I end up repeating stuff people already know. Without really realising it at the time because it's not like I have actually told them before. Not face-to-face. And anyway how do I know who's read it and who hasn't until it's too late.
On a related topic, kind of the opposite of the above (and just in case this happens to you in the future, I am really extremely very sorry in advance.) I have developed the ability to hold a perfectly lucid conversation and then a few days later have absolutely no recollection that it ever happened. I may even deny it to your face. Whilst Alison is the major victim of my affliction it has already caused me wider embarrassment. What started off as me losing my train of thought and not being able to remember the end of sentences has developed into me losing my mind and not being able to remember entire conversations.
Anyway consider yourself warned. Yours ignorantly.


  1. could it be anything to do with your age?? It happens to lots of us when we reach 39!! Hope Adam's 'secret' was a good one!
    Thinking of you all, always..
    Helen x

  2. Hello
    I just wanted to make contact and to say that I follow your blog. Our son Jacob Marsland had neuroblastoma and was supported by 2Simple Trust. Your son Adam looks a fantastic lad and I know that what you are doing for him is truly wonderful......the love shines through!

    I wish you all the best.