Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Welcome to my world...

One minute I'm happily typing away about what a great weekend we had, and how much fun little Adam had visiting the fire station and playing around in the garden with his sister. And the next I am tumbling into the depths of despair ending with me sobbing into the keyboard. Who am I kidding? There isn't going to be a happy ending. No miraculous recovery. Look on the internet. Read the stories. It's incurable.

And then I pull myself together again. This may all end up being true, but does it make any difference? No it does not. Because while there is life there must be hope. I'm forever drumming into the children these three words - 'Never Give Up'. This is not the time for me to start changing my mind now. Practise what you preach.

Lunchtime. Then back to the weekend's events.

Welcome to my world.


  1. Nick you are right, practice what you preach, stay strong, there is no reason why Adam can't beat the odds,when you need a day off from believing, it's ok the rest of us are believing for you, but you are only allowed one day off at at a time! xx

  2. Hi, Adam is a beautiful boy, he touched my heart. As a parent I would curse this shittyness. You are a great dad, at the same time as trying everything, working hard at it and doing your damnedest to give him the best chance possible, you are also giving Adam fun to redress the balance just a bit. Don't beat yourself up, doubts are normal, even macho men have them occasionally and this is a big deal. But miracles do happen and Adam's may be just around the corner. Your family has my love.