Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Nurse came first thing this morning to do Adam's bloods as we thought he'd need transfusions today. Turns out we were wrong, but it's still only a matter of time. HB is 7.3 and Platelets are 30. He'll definitely be having platelets tomorrow as they won't do the bone marrow tests with platelets that low, and it's still odds on he'll need HB as well. He's never not had at least one blood transfusion after TVD before.

So now the plan is for the community nurse to come in first thing tomorrow again and do another full blood count and cross-match (to get correct type for the transfusions). Then Adam will go to the Marsden for his MIBG scan. Then he'll stay at the Marsden to have his GCSF. Then he'll go to Epsom to have Platelets and possibly blood as well. If it's the later then it's a safe bet that most of the day will be in a hospital.

And all the while we're still watching out for him spiking a temperature. He's still neutropaenic (neutrophils are zero => zero immunity) so if it's going to happen it'll happen soon.

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  1. Hey Dad

    You guys are doing a marvelous job, I came across your blog by an email appeal and wanted to make sure it wasnt a hoax. I have just finished chemotheraphy and radation myself for breast cancer and my heart breaks that your son so young has to feel worse than I did and it was rough on me. I am praying for you,know I see hope and fight in Adam's eyes. I will most certainly contribute to the gorgeous little mans well being. I dont know if it helps by my blog is
    It may give you a small insight into Adams mind.

    God Bless
    Charmaine Duncan