Thursday, 29 April 2010

Do Feet Sleep?

Adam's had a pretty good day today. And I suppose thinking about it, so have I. No work for me for the time being, totally unproductive anyway and it was upsetting my biorhythms being away from Adam. Or it was making me feel like shit, whichever description you prefer. So today we played some football in the garden, Adam trounced a visiting journalist at Wii Beach Volleyball, we had a brief trip into town, we played a little more football, Adam and Jess went for a 30 minute bounce on a neighbour's trampoline and then they dragged our next door neighbour's kids out into the street to play some tennis. Well a game involving tennis rackets and tennis balls anyway.

So Adam's had quite an active day. And he's eaten pretty well too. But we really have no idea what is going on with his feet. Today he's complained that they ache more than his heel bone hurting, and it does seem as though his problems are most pronounced when he is sitting or lying and has to get moving again. He's had a busy day as you can see, and once he gets going he seems to be okay, albeit he looks rather odd when he is trying to run. For the amount of effort he's putting in he should be going at least three times as fast!

Tonight as I was carrying him upstairs to bed he told me that the engines in his feet took a bit of time to get started, and then a few seconds later that his feet fall asleep and need waking up again. 'That's what the pwoblem [sic] is Dad' he said. He's had aching legs and feet before coinciding with him finishing chemo. We've always put it down to vincristine which is known to have this effect. But it's never lasted this long, or become this bad. Then again for whatever reason he's been more active after this last course of TVD than any of the previous five. He's not had 2 or 3 days in bed/on the sofa/in hospital. So I just don't know.

In case you are still wondering I really don't know.

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