Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Nice Evening & A Good Week

We've just returned from a lovely evening with one of our neighbours. All the kids had a good time and we need not have worried about Adam as he enjoyed himself immensely. We've hardly been out since Adam was diagnosed last July and it was just nice to do something 'normal' for once. Pre-diagnosis normal that is.

This week as a whole has been a good one for Adam. He visited his school on Wednesday and had some fun with his friends whom he has seen only sporadically over the last 8 months. 'Everybody wanted to play we me' he told me. Which was in evidence during the game of 'it' when whoever was 'it' wanted to chase Adam and give 'it' to him. So Adam spent the entire time either being chased, or doing the chasing.

Adam should hopefully start TVD again on Monday. It was originally planned for this week but his blood counts had not recovered well enough. So we had a bonus week off from treatment which is why Adam has been quite well in himself and able to do more active things than normal. Delays in treatment are rather a double-edged sword. They are nice for the quality time that they give us with Adam when he is relatively drug-free. However, there always lurks the notion that pressing ahead sooner rather than later is better in the long run.

Adam's Neutrophils have been playing games again. From 0.3 at the start of the week they jumped to 12.1 after a single dose of GCSF before falling back again to 1.1 on Friday. The Nurse came Friday afternoon to give him another infusion of GCSF and we have to wait and see what his counts are on Monday morning before we get a decision on whether he will go in. Fingers crossed they have stayed up and we can start the chemotherapy.

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