Monday, 30 April 2012

The update after …

The dust has settled a little after Friday's news. We had a pleasant weekend. Truthfully. We did things that we'd have normally done. Friday night we all watched a DVD together. Saturday we went about our business, played some games in the evening. If I've learned anything these past (nearly) three years it's that the way we respond emotionally to bad news, setbacks and worry makes no difference to what comes next. Best to just get on with things as best we can.

The hardest part was always going to be telling the children. No easy way to do it. No good time. And no avoiding it. On Sunday afternoon we went into town and watched the Avengers movie at the cinema. When we got back I called everyone into the front room. We don't do family conferences in our house, so I'm sure they knew immediately and instinctively that something was up. I think I did an okay job. I mean, there's no parental guidance I've seen that comes close to preparing you for having to tell your 8-year old son that his cancer is growing again; or his 10 and 12 year old siblings that their country doesn't have any treatments for their brother and so he has to go to America. There were tears. I'm not ashamed to say some of them were mine.

Today I've been speaking to a number of doctors across the Atlantic, and exchanging emails with others. The origins of a plan are formulating, but we haven't taken any decisive steps yet regarding treatment decisions. That said I don't intend to hang around. It will be a case of here today, gone tomorrow.

A few people have talked to me today about money and fundraising so I thought I'd mention where we're at. Thanks to the money that's already been raised for Adam's Appeal we are safe in the knowledge that as soon as were ready we can head to America without delay. Many of you reading this have contributed to that effort and I thank you all once again. Maybe at times people may have wondered what the money was actually for, or why it hadn't been used. Well it was for this, and we hadn't used it because we hadn't needed to. But now we do, and we will.

If people wish to start raising money again for Adam's Appeal, the Neuroblastoma Alliance UK are now much better equipped to support any fundraising ideas that people might have. I do not know how much money we will need in total. It depends how long Adam needs to spend in America having treatment, which at the moment is indefinitely. It depends what happens to Adam while he's out there, how often he has to stay in the hospital with fevers or infections. Again, another complete unknown.

Alison and I had a brief chat earlier today. We decided that we would prefer it if people didn't do any fundraising for Adam until we have actually taken him out to America for treatment. All the fundraising previously was done to get Adam to America, and it will. If, once he's there, people want to fundraise to help keep him there we would once again be immensely grateful for their support.

Many thanks for all the kind words and good wishes we've received over the past few days. Please continue to keep Adam in your thoughts. We continue to believe ...


  1. Much love to you all, good luck. xx

  2. I think you're all amazing and good luck in America. Anything we can do for you all, please just shout. xx