Friday, 11 November 2011

Off ...

After lunch tomorrow we set off for Germany for the fourth time. Same old routine; overnight stop in Eindhoven on Saturday, drive through Germany to Greifswald on Sunday hoping to arrive around 6pm.

Adam has an MRI scheduled for Monday morning, and bone marrow tests on Wednesday.

We've heard through the grapevine that the hospital is getting ever busier; to the extent that not only is there no room at the parents house next week for two other UK families, but the hospital itself may well have too many children for the number of rooms they've got. It remains to be seen if there is going to be a problem when Adam is due to be an in-patient, next week we are just there during the mornings for IL-2 injections, bloods, EEG, etc. I don't much fancy having four to a room. Adam would be monumentally pissed off, and perfectly happy to let everybody know about it too. Oh well, at least we have the rental house, so we don't have any extra hassle in that regard; what a smart move that turned out to be in retrospect, even if I do say so myself!


  1. You are in our thoughts. We leave for New York City on Tuesday (hopefully, we are currently admitted because Saoirse has a bacterial infection). Adam you are an awesome person.

  2. Hi, as a dad of a child with stage 4 neuroblastoma I am always looking for other dads to connect with. I started my own blog too however have not written a lot on it. I will though. Saoirse has new growth tumors in her skull and we are now unsure of her next step. Hope all is well and have a safe trip