Tuesday, 8 November 2011

EIGHT Tomorrow …

Cor blimey it’s Tuesday evening already. Doesn’t seem like five minutes since I wrote the last one of  these things. Our weekend was good, very good. On Saturday we had a visit from Ryan and his family en route to Germany for their next cycle of antibody therapy. Adam and Ryan, despite almost three years age difference, get along so well. Literally within seconds of Ryan arriving the two of them were off upstairs, and we hardly saw them again until they were called down for tea.

On Sunday Adam had his birthday party – a football party in our garden just as he’d asked for. Given all the rain we’d been having I was expecting it to be a very wet and muddy affair, but despite grey clouds overhead the rain thankfully stayed away. All the boys Adam had invited from school had a good time, and (shush, don’t tell anyone) I even thoroughly enjoyed supervising them. After they'd all left we fully expected Adam to be worn out from all the fresh air and running around. Not a bit of it, he headed upstairs with Jess to play some alternative version of hide-and-seek with lights out, doors closed, and glow sticks for torches.

Adam has been back at school in the mornings this week, and we are starting to get prepared for our fourth trip to Germany. Winter tyres are on the van, and snow chains in the garage ready to be loaded. On Saturday we’ll say farewell to Jake & Jess once more and start the long journey back to Greifswald.

Tomorrow, 9th November, is Adam’s eighth birthday. I SAID, EIGHT. THAT’S RIGHT, EIGHT!

When he was diagnosed, we didn’t think we’d see Adam turn six. When he failed induction therapy, we didn’t think we’d see Adam turn seven. And yet tomorrow Adam will turn eight. None of my words can ever be able to express to you just how wonderful that is …

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