Sunday, 14 August 2011

Greifswald (Cycle I, Episode VII)

The imodium did it’s job yesterday and stopped Adam’s diarrhoea, however come this morning it was back again. Another dose of imodium and things appear to be under control once more.

Adam’s been awake a lot more today, but his temperature has been on the rise and we’ve had to give him paracetamol to bring it back down again. We’ve been told that it’s not unusual for this to happen. His fluids are still up at half rate, but everything else has been stopped, and the antibody is now being infused via the osmotic pump that we’ll take home with us. He’s calling for the wee pot at regular intervals, and since seven o’clock  this morning has passed a rather impressive two litres of urine - which is exactly what the doctors said would happen at this point in time.

So we’re on track to leave tomorrow. They would’ve let us take Adam back to the elternhaus today if we’d wanted to, but we’ve had to give up the inflatable bed as another family needed it. We also have to be back at the hospital at 8am in the morning for a final blood draw to conclude the treatment cycle. So Adam will stay for one more night and then (hopefully and all things being equal) we’ll start the long journey back home.

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