Friday, 5 August 2011

Greifswald (Cycle I, Episode II)

Things have followed a similar pattern throughout the course of this week, though the effect of IL-2 on Adam has become progressively worse as the days have past. Off to the hospital at 8am or 9am on alternate days; bloods, weight, blood pressure, and IL-2 injection all with a minimum of fuss. Three or so hours after the injection Adam’s temperature starts to rise and we give him his first paracetamol of the day. He has a little sleep and is then fine again for a few hours until the fever returns. And so it continues until bedtime.

Yesterday, whilst we were stocking up at a local supermarket he complained of feeling sick for the first time, though nothing came of it. Today however, he vomited his breakfast a couple of hours after eating it. Last night was also the most restless he’s had so far, although I knew very little about it until Alison told me this morning. We wait to see what he will be like overnight tonight.

We are now done with the hospital until 8am on Monday morning when Adam will be admitted to start a cocktail of drugs; analgesics, anti-sickness, anti-histamine, in preparation for the antibody infusion. The IL-2 injections will continue as per this week.

How well Adam is feeling in the morning will determine how far afield we venture over the weekend. He wants to go the beach, and keeps telling his Mum we need to buy a beach ball. Oddly enough that wasn’t on our long list of things to bring across with us for the trip …

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