Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sports Day ...

Adam is having a lazy day today, not going into school until after lunch. As nice as it is to see him having some small semblance of a normal childhood again, we don't want to overdo it. Especially as tomorrow is school sports day (well maybe, it's weather permitting of course)! Needless to say Adam missed sports day last year; it would appear from looking back on here that he was in between rounds of chemo. (It's actually proven quite useful having this online diary to look back on; it means I make fewer factual errors, which in turn means I get less of Alison telling me "that's wrong" and "you've got the date of that completely mixed-up" and "that never happened, don't you remember ... ".)

Sports day 2009 was just a couple of weeks before Adam fell ill, and we spiralled into repeat doctor and hospital visits that eventually culminated with Adam's cancer diagnosis. I had very recently started a new job back then, based locally so I managed to get along to watch. How little did we know that day what was to follow so shortly afterwards ...

Me and Adam at School Sports Day, June 2009

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