Saturday, 28 May 2011

I think I'll stay until the end of the day ...

Adam's MRI scan passed off without incident. Apart from having to part with his trousers which had metal eyelets at the front there was very little preparation required. No injection, no contrast dye. Adam was given headphones through which he listened to an audio CD and a buzzer in case he needed assistance. He only buzzed the once because, in his own words, "my nose had a really big itch." The scan was all done in less than half-an-hour. Now we wait for the results, I expect we'll receive them next week sometime.

The other noteworthy news from last week is the fact that Adam spent four afternoons at school. The only reason he didn't notch up a full-house was that Friday was an inset day. I don't know if his interest in school was rekindled by having his best friend Georgio to visit after school on the previous three Tuesdays, but come Monday he was ready. The plan was for Adam to go in at the end of lunchtime whilst everybody was out to play; then stay for the hour after during which his class would be doing more interactive activities that Adam, having missed almost 2 years of school, would find easier to join in with.

Having raced through lunch, and dressed in a white cotton shirt and the only pair of Jake's old school trousers that weren't completely threadbare, Adam and his Mum set off for school. As Adam was only going to stay for an hour or so, Alison waited in the staff room at the school. Except when the hour was up Adam decided it wasn't time to go home. His teacher asked Adam whether he would like her to tell Mummy he was ready to go home now. To which Adam responded that he would like to stay until the end of school. And so he did ... much to our pleasant surprise.

And so the pattern continued through Tues, Weds and Thurs. Each day Adam went in towards the end of lunchtime and left school with the rest of his classmates at 3.15pm. On Wednesday I even went to pick him up - the first time I've stood in the playground waiting to collect Adam from school for over 650 days. It felt ... strange.

The retinoic acid Adam has been taking for the past week is leaving him with severe peeling of the skin, but it no longer appears to be sore or bothersome which it certainly was for the first few days. We carry on until Friday, after which he has two weeks off. It's nice to see that his hair is starting to grow back again, things have really accelerated this week and it won't be too much longer before he has a complete (albeit thin) covering. Not that being bald bothers him in the slightest any more, not even at school. I asked him whether anybody mentions the fact that he's got no hair. "Only you Dad" he said "Only you."

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