Thursday, 5 May 2011

Grrr ...

There are some things that you have to wonder about. Just received the date for Adam's PET scan. Monday 16th May at midday. Read through the notes ... procedure will take between 2 and 4 hours ... nothing to be eaten for 6 hours beforehand. Could there be a worse time? Instead of eating bananas and nuts on that Monday morning, Adam will be going bananas and nuts. Earlier in the morning and we might have some chance of managing the situation. Later in the afternoon and we might have some chance of getting his breakfast done with the required 6 hours to spare. But nothing to eat from Sunday night until (sometime) Monday afternoon? That's asking for trouble. He'll probably refuse to get on the bed, let alone lie still for an hour.

Needless to say I have been on the phone to the hospital. The complication is that if the PET scan comes first it has to be conducted 48-hours before the Lutetium Dotetate scan; and if it's the other way round there has to be a 7 day gap. This is to prevent the tracer from the first scan interfering with the second. So we are just waiting to see if they can shuffle some other patient(s) around in order to get Adam scanned earlier in the day instead. If not they'd best be prepared ... it's not going to be pleasant. At least Alison will be taking him and not me I suppose.

Whilst it may seem like a triviality in the wider context of having a child with cancer, you'd be surprised just how many 'trivialities' there are that serve to make things that little bit more difficult than they need be.

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