Wednesday, 20 April 2011

'Thank You' and 'Yes' ...

One thing we are incredibly fortunate about is that through the overwhelming generosity of people who have supported Adam's Appeal we don't have to worry about financial considerations at the moment. That said, once we leave the UK we are opening ourselves up to an indefinite period where we are liable for all treatment costs; and we know from the experience of others how quickly they can escalate. Not surprisingly the cost of taking Adam to America will be much higher than if we go to Germany. So thank you once again to everybody who has donated, supported, organised, collected, run, walked, cycled, baked, cooked, packed bags, washed cars, written letters, spoken to employers, and so much more besides. And thank you also to those people who have indicated that they are intending to help Adam's Appeal in the future. If you are sat wondering whether or not Adam (and I'm sad to say plenty of other children like him) still needs your help the answer I can assure you is a most emphatic 'yes'.

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