Wednesday, 27 April 2011

No news is no news …

It’s that time of the week again, time for my regular update. There really isn’t anything to say on the treatment front. Nothing has moved forward since last week; we haven’t even received dates for the two additional scans yet. I’ve gone into hassle-and-chase mode on the basis that Adam is now D+80 post-transplant, and he will be off-treatment until we start in Germany or America. Without the scan results we can’t make a decision on whether or not to biopsy, let alone where we are heading off to. I’m just hoping that when we do get dates they are not two or three weeks hence, otherwise I’ll have to shift up into make-lots-of-noise-and-cause-lots-of-fuss mode. If needs must.

Adam has remained generally very well in himself, and the great weather over the Easter break definitely agreed with him. We were back down at the coast where the kids could get out on their bicycles, and spend time playing outside together, and with friends. On Saturday we took a trip to West Wittering where there is a lovely sandy beach. Needless to say it was absolutely mobbed, but we didn’t (as planned) arrive until later in the day so we missed the majority of the queues. Alan, Adam’s uncle, had brought an inflatable dinghy along, and naturally Adam was the first to have a go. I’m sure there were a few admiring glances as Adam stripped down to his pants and hickman line so we could wrap him in cling-film, to at least offer some protection against the sea water. He thoroughly enjoyed it, although he was a little unsure at first when he took a couple of bigger waves over the side on the way out. Thankfully we had no major catastrophes though; no capsize or boy overboard.

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On the alternative treatment front we are currently having blood and stool samples analyzed by the lab once more now that Adam is well past high-dose. The results of these may give us further areas to work on in terms of Adam’s general health. Our goal is to make him better able to fight his cancer from within, and also to reduce side-effects and recovery time from conventional treatments. We should have the results in a week or two.

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