Wednesday, 29 September 2010

UCH - Day Two

Adam spent the morning in the ward playroom playing the PS3 and doing arts and crafts. At midday we returned to Room 2 so the nurse could put up his pre-hydration. Around 2:30 four people in white coats came up to the ward to administer Adam's MIBG infusion. Around 20 minutes later it was all done. The white coats packed up their equipment and trundled back up the corridor from whence they came. The door to Adam's room slid gently across until it was fully closed and he settled down for a week or more of solitary confinement.

Each hour we take a 60 second reading of the radioactivity coming from Adam, and it's this reading that will determine when he can leave the room, when he can leave the hospital for some outside air (I hesitate to call it 'fresh' - this is Central London), and when he can come home again. On entering the room Alison and I must don plastic apron, gloves and overshoes. We also take in a counter that measures the radiation levels to which we are exposed whilst in the room. On leaving we remove the protective items and place them in the yellow bin, close the protective door, and note down the time that we entered the room, and the counter reading on entry and exit. That's how it will be for the next 7 days or so.

Tomorrow Adam will undergo scans. 

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  1. Much love and strength to Adam and all the family. Our son is not ill, but we are trying to give him a full life and pull him through autism. A different type of struggle not comparable I know, but with it's own heart breaking times. Anyway, what a wonderful boy and a fantastic family. Much love Ruth, Brian & kids xxxxxxx