Tuesday, 3 August 2010

All change please, all change...

Okay so here's the thing. Adam pencilled in for stem cell collection next week and surgery requested for the following week. I am getting a little impatient that we haven't yet had approval for Plerixafor and I'm also quite conscious of how long Adam will have been without treatment going into MIBG therapy. 
And then in comes the curveball.
Phone call from St George's to say the surgeon is going on holiday and so Adam is booked in for surgery w/c 30th August. Can we please confirm the date?
Two full weeks later than we expected... meaning on this schedule he will be more than 2 months without any sort of chemotherapy.
They are going to discuss options (oral/holding chemotherapy) and we should have an update by the end of the week. It's not as simple as just whacking him with another full dose of chemo, as that would inevitably mean a complete reschedule of surgery. In order to minimize the risk of infection and complications his blood counts need to be sufficiently good before he can be operated upon.

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