Sunday, 20 June 2010


Yesterday, just 24 hours after Adam’s MIBG scan, we were given the results. No observable change from the previous scan at the end of April. The bone lesions remain spread throughout Adam's body and therefore from that perspective he remains stable, or non-responding. Results from the bone marrow tests will not be known for another week, however, and until then we do not have the complete picture. Approval has already been sought, and granted, to continue the current chemotherapy regimen and we expect this to recommence once Adam’s blood counts recover sufficiently. 
With each test result that fails to bring the news we are hoping for it becomes ever more difficult to see where the first breakthrough is going to come from. By the time the next two cycles are complete Adam will have been pumped full of the most toxic drugs known to modern medicine for a full year solid. Yet earlier today we were outside together laughing, joking, playing, and having fun. He was like a little boy without a care in the world. Even the holes drilled into his back the previous morning had long since been shrugged off.
So I won’t give in. Won’t stop searching. Won’t stop trying. Won’t stop hoping. Won’t stop believing. It’s the least my little boy deserves from me.


  1. Hi Nick, I was going to leave you a message on Monday saying good luck for the results. I'm sorry its shown no improvement on the scan. As always when the scan's don't bring the results hoped- I am thinking of you all x

  2. HI Nick
    sorry to hear of your sons illness
    my grandson has rhe same problem
    his dad kevin runs a charity
    wich helps children with this problem
    PLEASE get in touch with him
    you can contact him
    Tel 01392833631 wishing you all the best
    A Wright