Thursday, 17 June 2010


Maybe this is it. Maybe the new drug combination has done the trick. Maybe it's succeeded where the last 10 months of chemotherapy has failed. Maybe Adam's bone marrow results will come back clear and he can move forward to stem cell harvest. Once we've got those stem cells safely stored it opens up more treatment options. It's the first step on the road. We've waited long enough to get there. It's our best hope.
Maybe this is it. Maybe the new drug combination has failed. Maybe our nightmare scenario will be realised. Maybe the scans will show evidence of progressive disease. Maybe we are going back to square one with very few options left open to us. The NHS Trust will no longer fund Adam's chemotherapy drugs. It's our worst fear.
Maybe this isn't it. Maybe the new drug combination has done nothing at all. Or maybe the new drug combination has managed to hold the cancer at bay but nothing more. The scans will show stable disease still. We'll be back in exactly the same position in which we found ourselves two months ago. The NHS Trust will be asked to approve and fund at least two further cycles and we'll go back round this loop another time. 
Maybe. All we can do is wait. And hope. And worry. And wonder. As usual uncertainty is the only certainty.

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